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Button badges

Mix n Match!
#= available in stock
Please notice, Once a button runs out of stock, they are gone for good! Pick up your favourites, but please remember that minimum purchase is four buttons!

    Made in the U.S.A.:
    Mekster [20#]
    Pet Petters - Jade [10#]
    Potoo [20#]
    Flamingo [20#]
    Ladybug and Black Cat [40#]

    Made in Finland:
    Venomoth [50#]
    Mewtwo [coming soon]

   Community Day Lappeenranta:
    Pikachu [coming soon]
    Dratini [coming soon]
    Bulbasaur [50#]

    Made in the U.S.A.:
    Ice and Mekki [20#]

All designed by Sushipurrs!

When placing a purchase, please write which buttons you chose to buy and what amount!